Duplex System

A Duplex System is recommended whenever possible. It consists of two individual100% pumps installed in one sump. The duplex arrangement provides a standby unit if one pump should become disabled and also the added protection of double capacity for peak loads.  

The two pumps alternate (lead /lag operation) by the two float switch assemblies mounted on the sump cover and a solid-state alternator mounted in the control panel.

A typical Duplex System consists of:

One (1) Through door disconnect with interlock
Two (2) Magnetic Starters with overload protection.
Two (2) HOA Selector Switches
Two (2) Motor Run Lights
One (1) Control Transformer
One (1) Solid State Alternator to alternate lead/lag pumps and parallel operation
One (1) Terminal Strip
One (1) High water level alarm with horn, light, silencing switch.