Manufacturing Reliable Pumps Since 1893

We’ve been servicing industrial plants, commercial buildings, chemical plants, power stations, water and sewage treatment plants. Swaby’s service policy is aimed at ensuring proper and timely services to customers across the USA. We are committed to full customer satisfaction with excellence in service quality and support.


Sump Pump


Sump Pump

Explosion Proof
Submersible Pump
Solid Handling
Sump Pump
Solid Handling
Sump Pump

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Quick and Prompt Factory Support

Swaby Pumps maintain a complete inventory of parts and subassemblies at its Deer Park, Texas facility. Parts are readily available for shipment same day or 24 hours from time of order placement. Complete pumps can be shipped within 2-3 weeks from time of order placement. All pumps are mechanical shop tested before shipment. All rotating assemblies are balanced before assembly.

Top-of-the-Line Products

All Swaby Pumps are 100% American Made, assembled, and tested in Deer Park, Texas USA. Every pump receives full inspection, mechanical testing before it is shipped.

Swaby Pumps are also available in API610 VS-4 Compliant with complete testing, vendors documentation and inspection per API 610.